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You can’t delete the google review however you’ll be able to follow Tips for responding to reviews

Business owner responses permit you to create relationships with customers, however, they are additionally public. Once replying to your customers, keep the subsequent tips in mind.

1. Be nice and don’t get personal. This isn’t simply a guideline—it’s additionally a decent plan as a business owner. It’s tough to win an associate argument with a pissed off client, and you wish to avoid burning bridges. Keep your responses helpful, readable, and courteous. Additionally, responses ought to befit our native content policy.
2. Keep it short and sweet. Users square measure searching for helpful and real responses, however, they’ll simply be weak by an extended response.
3. Thank your reviewers. answer happy reviewers once you have new or relevant info to share. You don’t have to be compelled to impart each reviewer publically since every response reaches various customers.
4. Be an acquaintance, not a salesman. Your reviewers square measure already customers, thus there’s no have to be compelled to provide incentives or advertisements. Tell reviewers one thing new concerning your business, or share one thing they may not have learned from their 1st visit.