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Your City is asking to perceive your voice because elections are coming.This is the time to raise your Opinions to express your own city, who you are and how you will be an effective Elected Individual to raise the city in forthcoming.So, join your hands with us, NKTech is ready for the Election Campaigning:

Pre-Ticket Services with Us:

  • Website Designing
  • Search Engine Optimization to top Rank the profile
  • Profile correlation with Senior Politicians & Party Head Office
  • Social Media Platform & Profile Management Services
Politician Campaign Management

Pre-Ticket Services with Us:

Politician Campaign Management
  • Campaign Management and Monitoring
  • Database Management
  • Mobile Promotion
  • Advertising
  • Manpower Services
  • Survey and Canvassing
  • Social Media
  • PR and Media Management

Other Services:

  • Email Marketing
  • SMS Marketing
  • Call Centres
  • Bulk WhatsApp Message
  • Other Offline Promotions
Politician Campaign Management

Our Cityportals

Politician Campaign Management

City Portal BN

We have city portals for more than 50 cities of UP and Uttarakhand. We are also developing city portals for 500+ cities of India. Our main concern to create city portals to attract common people of city.
Politician Campaign Management

City Portal BN

  • Profile Creation on City Portal
  • City portal are connected with all social platform
  • SEO(Google ranking) on Specific keywords
  • Post Sharing on own Social Media Platforms

Company’s Own Portal

Politician Campaign Management

News BN

  • is an online news website which covers hyper local and national news.
  • We will also create news for your campaigning to influence your voters and will also share on social media platforms.

Politician Campaign Management

C2J Mantra

  • A placement solution for people looking for jobs andemployers who need great employees.
  • Provides training from expert trainers in the field of Website Development, Digital Marketing and SEO,.Net, Core PHP,etc

Politician Campaign Management

Blogs BN

  • is a common platform for bloggers.
  • Bloggers are writing different kind of blogs and posts. We can ask our existing bloggers to write blogs for you and sharing on their social media accounts.

Politician Campaign Management

Polls Of India

  • is one of the leading online polling website.
  • Create polls to increase your online reputation and positive buzz for your work.

Politician Campaign Management

Profiles BN

  • is social media platform for professionals.
  • Use this platform to put Banner of your news & work and connect with intellectual professionals.

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Politician Campaign Management

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