ORM or ‘Online Reputation Management, is the secret sauce behind many promising startups that are scaling their businesses to new lengths, not just startups, some of the most renowned power-players(As Nestle, Dark Horse, Microsoft, etc.)  in the field rely on this sort of customer engagement, this not only opens their boundaries to educate, engage and create new customers but also allows them to work on sales funnel that in a manner is self-sufficient, i.e. it works in a manner where the human intervention on ‘Point -of sales becomes next to zero.

Let’s take a look at some of the stories of some of the most renowned brands that use this technique :

Before we begin these brands, share some extremely successful and some stories of unavoidable yet hilarious failures

  1. Microsoft (Fail): Back on March 23, 2016, Microsoft released its chatterbot on twitter by the name of  ‘Tay’, and called its twitter username, ‘TayTweets’, a cautionary tale is that its best if human interaction is best left to humans for a while more, some of Tay’s more renowned fails are:

'Fails in online reputation management' , From this  to

, The change in the tone in <24 hours resulted in one of Microsoft’s biggest debacles.

For More: The Verge


2. Mahindra(Success): In March, one user Anil Panicker tweeted to Mahindra a photo of a three-wheeler, apparently a Piaggio Ape, whose rear had been modified into the rear of the Mahindra Scorpio.

#Mahindra's_ORM ,

To which the man none other than, Anand Mahindra, himself replied on the auto driver’s ingenuity, and stated:

#mahindra's_success , Not just that he went on to gift him  a brand new Scorpio, in exchange for his creative modification,

Best SEO company Ghaziabad  , that is now being kept in Mahindra Auto’s museum.  Needless to say that this move caused an explosion of positive praise from the public end.

For more: The Hindustan Times



3. Flipkart(Fail):   Remember the time Amazon royally owned Flipkart, its biggest competitor? No?

Let me tell you, back in 2016 when a reception shot of Flipkart’s office showed them having two empty boxes that featured Amazon’s logo,


after a viral tweet, resulting in an online outrage of jokes and crackles.

Flipkart tweeted: “We use them as garbage cans.”

Needless to say that the  tweet garnered a lot of retweets, which compelled amazon to reply,

Amazon’s reply Stated: “Well at least now we know there is a piece of amazon in every E-commerce company’s office.”


” Now keeping the past in mind, one should pave a creative and safer way”Anonymous


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