Role of Digital Marketing in current pandemic situation

Role of Digital Marketing in current pandemic situation

Role of Digital Marketing in current pandemic situation- In a globalised world, there is an uncertainty about the business progress then a question is what helps to a business to survive more even in today’s pandemic time. Many factors have played their role but the most important one is DIGITAL MARKETING.

Nowadays, customers are going online mostly for all their needs for shopping so digital marketing helps both customer and entrepreneur to meet their demand and during the pandemic, we have seen customer is not able to go outside so they use online mode of shopping and definitely it is proving fruitful for the growth of the company like Amazon and Flipkart earning profit without losing.

DIGITAL MARKETING; it is also called as online marketing. In the simple quotation, we can say “shop is online”. It is a platform of promoting and selling of products and services through social media marketing, search engine marketing, email marketing, content marketing.

There are many ways of interacting using digital marketing:

  1. B2B
  2. B2C

It has been rising in popularity over the years because people spend most of their time on the internet then it is an opportunity for Entrepreneurs to get the attraction of customers and break this opportunity as a money gainer. what I want to say without digital marketing, it is not easy to stand in the competitive market.


What is conversational marketing?

Conversational marketing is a technique that helps businesses deliver high quality of customer service. It uses chatbots and live chats to initiate interactions with existing or potential customers and build relationships with them. Through dialogue-driven activities, marketers help collect feedback from their audience and build further communication based on insights.

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However, conversational marketing is not a shortcoming of human-to-human communication. Conversely, it is a complementary tool that helps sales and marketing teams transform in the most immediate and effective way.

How does conversational marketing work?

As most businesses can now access directly on Instagram, Facebook, or WhatsApp, customers increasingly want to communicate personally with the brand. They do not want to wait for an answer for more than five minutes, not to mention their reluctance to fill out long forms and wait for five days. Finally, a brand will be contacted via email. Basically, all this buyer wants when it comes to online brand communication in a technology-driven world is to simply leave a message and get an immediate and satisfactory answer.

Conversational Marketing helps businesses to achieve their goals. With tools like chatbots and live chat, businesses not only manage to reduce response times very quickly but also quickly detect customers’ pain points and solve their problems in real-time. Data shows that 75% of consumers are more likely to buy.

Key Benefits of Conversational Marketing

Conversational Marketing is a relatively latest approach but still, it gave a lot of gain and Chances to businesses and their owners. This became especially evident during adjustment with quarantine. When the entire world went digital, communication via live chat and chatbots became an effective and only secure way of building relationships with customers. Furthermore, it proved to be a preferred option, as 79% said they would like to use the messaging app to receive customer service.

Businesses that are previously used or at least familiar with the conversational marketing approach before the global lockdown found themselves in a successful position in relation to businesses that remain loyal to traditional marketing tools. Given the inevitable impact of the epidemic on every sphere of our lives and the fact that the world will never be the same, brands must definitely focus on conversational marketing tools to accommodate new market trends.

Conversational Marketing Helps Increase Conversion rates

According to the Drift Report, one main reason is that customers like form-filling interactions. Interestingly, they expect chatbots to respond to them as quickly as possible during human-to-human communication. In addition, conversational marketing tools are more convenient than traditional methods such as phone or email. You will not be put in line for an unknown amount and if you do not want to, you will have to step outside your comfort zone to talk to unfamiliar people.

Live Talk, a conversational marketing tool, provides an opportunity to communicate online with a brand representative and answer your questions within minutes. This means that conversational marketing tools help you meet the needs of your customers and increase conversion rates by 45%.

This Tool is also used for Better Customer Satisfaction.

Customer satisfaction is critical to commercial success. It helps you to gain loyal customers and become a reliable market player. Research shows that each dissatisfied customer shares their experiences with 5 to 10 people on average and 13% of people continue to have negative reactions to others.

Looking at the power and statistics of Word of Mouth (including social media) shows that 92% of people trust the recommendations of their family and friends, disgruntled customers do nothing good for your business.

However, customer satisfaction is not only important in terms of the products or services you sell. The buying experience is also a valuable interaction with a brand and should be impeccable for your potential customer. Conversely, conversational marketing is a dominant approach to improve customer satisfaction.

By implementing this in your marketing strategy, you ensure that you communicate with your customers in a way that they are most comfortable with. At this stage, your efforts will later lead to greater brand loyalty, better brand image, and of course trust.

Conversational Marketing tools for Achieving Targeted Goals

  • Chatbots

Chatbots is an artificial intelligence software that helps meet the basic needs of the user. It simulates an actual conversation with a customer through a conversation interface (CUI). Chatbots are integrated into messaging apps such as Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Viber, and WeChat. They help customers solve problems quickly and are a preferred method of communication (only 14% of respondents said they prefer to fill in website forms).

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Indeed, chatbots between older people such as Millennials and Baby Boomers gained momentum in the last few years. Chatbots are expected to solve problems from beginning to end, providing simple questions and customer service answers, ensuring that communication is easy in every way.

Chatbots give messaging sequences just like email. A sales funnel can be created within a messenger. Downloads can be sent via messengers. Using AI, you can have automated conversations with your potential customers.

However, chatbots are still less popular tools than live chat, for example. The main reason for this is that there are problems of perception and belief in their relation. It turns out that all people who join a chatbot always feel that they join one.

Furthermore, most people do not trust chatbots and use them as question-answering machines, especially despite the lack of multi-purpose capability and the possibility of human error.

  • Live Chats

Live chat is an online software to deliver customer service. Unlike chatbots, live chats allow interaction with a real person in real-time. Typically, a buyer communicates with a brand representative from the sales, customer support, or marketing team.

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Until recently, the live chat option was the most popular conversational marketing tool for businesses, as it helps improve customer experiences. In fact, live chat has the highest satisfaction level (73%) among other channels.

This method is also used for Improving Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is critical to commercial success. It helps you to gain loyal customers and become a reliable market player. Research shows that each dissatisfied customer shares their experiences with 5 to 10 people on average and 13% of people continue to have negative reactions to others.

Looking at the power and statistics of Word of Mouth (including social media) shows that 92% of people trust the recommendations of their family and friends, disgruntled customers do nothing good for your business.

Not surprisingly, 71% of businesses believe that live chat will become a top tool by 2021. Statistics show that they get 15 times more engagement than email. This means that people who reach brands via live chat are already interested in building a relationship and are more likely to convert into customers

Another reason for this is that live chats do not allow people to multitask and focus on phone calls or any other traditional mode of communication with a brand. Also, 22% of users said that they prefer to live chat because they do not like talking on the phone.

Trends in Conversational Marketing

  • Customer experience will be more customized

The customer experience will be optimized even more, as 76% of marketers say that improvement in CX is a high or important priority. It should not come as a surprise that qualified experts in customer experience design are in demand among Fortune 500 companies. This means that one of the future goals for businesses is to optimize the customer experience through conversational marketing tools.

For example, chatbots would be better designed. Businesses will invest in images, videos, and copywriting to give the brand more personality and tone fitting. With UX writing and visuals, chatbots will improve the platform environment and ensure an engaging yet ambient experience for customers despite machine-to-human interactions.

  • Voice-based chatbots will prevail

Smart speakers and other voice technologies are growing in popularity and there is no doubt that voice-based chatbots will become the next big trend for businesses. This is due to the fact that customers are constantly looking for more convenient ways of communication with brands, and listening to chatbots while listening to multitasking is definitely easier than reading.

Voice-based tools are a great solution for businesses that are ready to invest resources to improve their customer experience. Voice communication between a brand and its customer will certainly ensure that communication is more intimate, ambient.


Although conversational marketing is a relatively new approach, it gained popularity over the years. This is due to the trend that savvy customers are looking for exclusive brand experiences that meet their needs but also save them time and effort.

The worldwide epidemic has also affected the relevance of conversational marketing, as its tools are best for secure and quick communication between brands and customers. In the nearest years, the situation is unlikely to change.


How to Find Best Digital Marketing Company in Noida

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In the current scenario, the demand for digital marketing is continuously increasing. Digital marketing can play an important role in establishing an organization. This is why more and more companies are focusing on the Internet and social media platforms to help them but let us know what digital marketing is? businesses grow. People who have never used digital marketing services are always eager to know about it “How to Find Best Digital Marketing Company in Noida for their Business”

Let us know what digital marketing is?

Digital marketing is basically a method of marketing through online mediums such as search engines, websites, social media, email, and mobile apps. If you do not know how marketers are thinking/thinking about their Digital Marketing Company in Noida? There is no need to worry as there are many other operators and businesses who are confused about how to choose the Best Digital Marketing Company in Noida.

The first thing that pops up in your mind, why are you choosing this digital platform? And in what digital way do you support your business? Nowadays digital marketing has become a trending way of using internet platforms for goods or for endorsing purpose.


Now the digital marketing platform has become so widespread and reaching so many people that it has become an important part of every business to advertise the business and attract the attention of so many people to its business websites. Digital marketing as we know it has inspired people to learn this and has increased the establishment of their own companies for digital marketing purposes. And in the midst of all this, the most difficult task is how to choose a digital marketing company?

To make your work easier and more possible and faster, we have indicated some important steps that you should keep in mind while searching for the Best Digital Marketing Company in Noida.

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You should clearly state your expectation to CAMPAIGN: Always make a list of all the things that you want from a marketing campaign and you want your digital marketing agency to work and include all the services that you want your SEO Company to work on.

If digital marketing work is distributed between home and external sources, then you should know how they are coordinating with each other. Some of the best services commonly provided by digital marketing companies are:

It is always preferred to have a long term relationship with the Best SEO Company in Noida. As various digital marketing companies have their own rules and laws to complete the task and if you keep changing digital marketing company then it will affect your digital campaign.

As you have been working with a digital company for a long time, it becomes very easy for a digital marketing firm to understand what your needs are. What do you expect from them? They definitely work hard on your project because it is essential for brand reputation or for the project, so they will work effectively for your campaign to deliver in the best way for you. And they will provide you with an experienced and well trained digital platform company so that they perform best and give you the best by devising the best strategy for your campaign.

You should always check your requirement and go accordingly as there are too many agencies. So, if you are searching for the Best SEO Company in Noida, then you check their profile that they are available for you in various shapes and sizes.

By the way, how to choose the best digital marketing agency is a very common question, but it can be a difficult task for the marketing team. However, if you keep all the above points in mind, we are sure that you will find the Best Digital Marketing Company in Noida for your business.


Why NK Tech SEO Company in Noida

Businesses and Brands know the true reason for getting SEO for their digital properties. Search Engine Optimization is set to optimize the website so that the website can achieve a high rank in the organic results of search engines. The reputed SEO company in Noida comes with excellent SEO services. It can be counted as one of the best ways to increase the quality of a website to navigate, user friendly, and fast.

Why NK Tech SEO Company in Noida
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In this world of the competitive market, SEO is considered more important than ever.  Some of the SEO companies in Noida will provide positive results. But you need to choose the best source for your Search Engine Optimization needs. Millions of users are searching for their answers to their questions every and each day. If you have a blog, website, or online store, from search engines, you can target free traffic.

The benefits get from the Nk Tech best SEO company in Noida implementation of work are some of the points why the business needs the Best SEO Company in Noida and Delhi NCR to take their business to the upper level.

Why Nk Tech is the Best SEO Company in Noida for your business:

In this competitive market, survival is very difficult for all companies, while SEO is considered mandatory for all businesses. Search engines help users daily to find the answers they are looking for.

Nk Tech SEO company in Noida is essential for your business because: 

Most people who use the Internet to find their answers click on the first five suggestions on the results page. To get more website visitors or traffic you need to be in the top position. A Website designing company in Noida can help make your website accessible.

For your Company website, Search Engine Optimization can help in social promotion. People who find your website through the Internet are more likely to promote it on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, or other social media channels.

To run your business website efficiently, SEO is essential. On a website, if you have more than one author, it can help directly or indirectly in SEO. Indirect benefits have a general framework before publishing content on the website. SEO company in Noida will help in suggesting the best approach for your company. Nk Tech can help a lot to get your company in Noida in the first place. Search engines are also trusted by users. Searching your business at the top position for keywords that users are searching for, can even increase user confidence on the website.

How does Nk Tech SEO company in Noida help your business? 

Best SEO Company in Noida can help in growing your business which is mentioned below:

  • Noida and Ghaziabad’s best SEO company helps improve search engine rankings. It can also help in getting more traffic to your website. The top SEO company in Noida can help all start-ups or blogs looking to establish in the current market trend.
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