Digital Marketing Trend of 2021

Inclusivity For many years, getting your entry to the “First Position” spot of search results has been the goal of Search Engine Optimization. Now, in 2021, the end goal “position zero” continues to have more SEO visibility changes. Position zero refers to Google’s “featured snippet”, and 2021 SEO marketing trends are giving it a further

What is conversational marketing?

Conversational marketing is a technique that helps businesses deliver high quality of customer service. It uses chatbots and live chats to initiate interactions with existing or potential customers and build relationships with them. Through dialogue-driven activities, marketers help collect feedback from their audience and build further communication based on insights. However, conversational marketing is not

Digital Marketing & The Current Pandemic

Digital Marketing & The Current Pandemic: We know nowadays, every business can look more carefully into their budget, to ensure that they can squeeze every penny of profit out of their investment and certainly to deliver their products and services the most. Looking for cost-effective methods Three years ago, a Harvard Business Review analyzed the

Importance of Digital Marketing

Marketing is a basic piece of making a fruitful business. It encourages you to build up your image in the commercial center, draw in with buyers, make brand unwaveringness, separates your business, alongside giving numerous different advantages. NKTech is one stop for you to acquire all at one place and expand your business with the