Rajiv khanna jukaso

Rajiv Khanna Jukaso

Rajiv Khanna Jukaso, Chairman

Mr. Rajiv Khanna Jukaso, Chairman of Jukaso Group had set up the organization with the mission to make Jukaso’s image as the preeminent brand that offer their customers with the most extreme level of fulfillment at a incredible esteem. The primary foundation was in 1978 with the Journeys by Jukaso in New Delhi. The vision is to make Jukaso an overwhelming player inside the Indian market by 2017 and in the International market by 2020. Since Jukaso Group has officially settled a notorieties in the Asian market now it is leaving on to convey the gathering towards the worldwide market. Jukaso’s relationship with Harder-Minerva Jukaso Switzerland in 2012, is prepared to convey forward their capability and standards of brightness to an overall stage. Only by respecting our country and its people can we ensure that guests will enjoy the hospitality. As per Indian culture, the guest is like a god.

Rajiv Khanna Jukaso perpetually has the conviction of putting their clients the principal vital piece of Jukaso. As Jukaso is altogether arranged to enter the new skyline, they’re set to have refreshed the mission to reproduce the new need for the extra development of the organization.Come and get your first experience with jukaso.

Mr Rajiv khanna jukaso says that its constantly been our conviction that a bit of our success is down to the massive riposte we share with our imperative customers. In this way, as we intend to enter this new horizon, we have invigorated our interesting mission to reflect this new need for improvement. He by and large manage their clients and give them best workplaces.

In that farthest point, we welcome you to be a touch of our undertaking in achieving shared goals by setting down benchmarks of perfection.

Thank you.