Mouthshut Review Management and Down

Writing a review on is as straightforward as composing email. Or maybe easier, Simply follow any of the subsequent steps to jot down your review.

Option 1
1.Select the class underneath that the merchandise is listed.

2.Begin typewriting the name of the merchandise you would like to review
3.Our Intelligent Search Feature can provide you with associate degree choice of product to decide on from
4.Only when you choose the merchandise you would like to review, can the ‘Write Review’ icon be visible
5.Now proceed to jot down your review and facilitate voluminous customers come back to a prudent looking call
6.To use this feature, please attend your Dashboard below your Profile picture or click on the      ‘Write’ button next to Reviews underneath Member’s Panel.

Option 2
1.Select the merchandise class and therefore the sub-category.
2. Click on that and therefore the complete names can seem. Click on the merchandise name. 3.Click on ‘Write Your Own Review’ and start writing.
4.When you have finished, click on the ‘Submit Review’ button. Your review are going to be featured on the homepage.