Facebook Ads or Google Ads: Which is a best for Business Growth?

If you are looking for possible ways to generate better-engaging ways for your business, I am sure you would have thought about paid traffic. The two major platforms for paid advertising are Google Advertising and Facebook Advertising. Before we dive into the differences between the two, it would make more sense to know the personal strengths and benefits of both.

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Why Google Ads?

The most popular search engine in the world which is believed to give ground for effective online advertising is Google. Google offers advertisers a viable opportunity to access a platform where you get your niche products displayed to all potential audiences.

Google’s advertising is divided into two primary networks, the search and display networks. The search network is the entirety of Google as a search engine. Advertisers can certainly bid on keywords and phrases for potential customers.

  • Immense audience – Google advertising platform provides a wide reach. It is a fact that there can be no other platform on Google in terms of visitor volume.
  • Level Playing Field to all – People confuse better reach with advertising budgets. Google AdWords works on the quality and relevance of the advertisement. This essentially means that the relevance of the advertisement brings in attractive visuals.
  • Range of Ad formats – Google AdWords offers incredible forms and forms of advertising that compel and entice prospective customers. Ad formats adapt to the specific needs of the business. Google is always looking for ways to provide best-in-class service.

Why Facebook Ads?

If you think social media was just about getting in touch with people, then you are very wrong. Companies are now taking the opportunity to build their business online with the help of Facebook advertisements. One paid social that ultimately controls the entire market with digital marketing strategies is Facebook advertising.

  • Audience– Facebook boasts a reliable and large audience worldwide. With over 1.55 billion monthly active users, Facebook is a fail-proof approach to better business. When you have an abundant audience each day, chances are, you will not have a decent one. Potential buyers as well.
  • Most loved visual platform
    PPC gets a bit boring when it comes to overall and compares with Facebook ads. Facebook’s best advertising is the one that integrates video, music, image, and text in all to entice viewers.
  • ROI – Granularity is often effective. The equipment offered and expanded at the disposal is very attractive, reliable, and beautiful. The potential ROIs that come with advertising on Facebook motivate people to invest in it.

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