Link Down

When a petition is signed, our system mechanically emails a confirmation to the e-mail address related to that account. This email can typically have a subject matter line that begins “You have a message about…”.

At the bottom of the e-mail, you may see the choice “Didn’t sign this petition? Take away your signature”. To get rid of your signature, click on the Remove your signature link.

If you happen to receive a permission error, try login into account and clicking on the signature removal link once more.

Please note that the link during this email is barely valid for 30 days.

If you sign over one petition in an exceedingly single session, the signature confirmation email can contain a listing with those petitions and, at the lowest of the e-mail, the links to get rid of your support from each of them.

To remove your signature from a specific petition, you’ll have to be compelled to click on the link of the petition title you want to withdraw your support from.

If you did not have this email or it absolutely was sent over 30 days ago: Please contact exploitation the “Contact Support” button and our facilitate Center team can assist. Please include the link to the petition(s) you would like us to resend the signature confirmation for.