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Bizorm is one of the Best Review Management Tools that helps to collect positive reviews from your customers to show on your online review platforms. You can collect Google Reviews, Zomato Reviews, Amazon Reviews, Swiggy Reviews and many other platforms through our tool.

Key Features: 

Our tool works on an old Phrase “If you like our services tell others and if don’t then tell us” ( अच्छा लगे तो सबको बताये, बुरा लगे तो हमें बताये ).  Our AI-powered tool filters negative reviews and posts only positive reviews on online platforms and at the same time updates you with negative reviews.

A. Filtration of Reviews

Our tool helps in filtering negative and positive reviews. If anyone gives negative reviews ( 1 to 3 ⭐ ) It will be forwarded to you. And if someone gives positive reviews ( 4 ⭐ to 5 ⭐ )  then that will go to you. 

B. Many Reviews Collection methods

You can collect reviews by following methods :

  • Printed QR Code at your business.
  • WhatsApp Messages.
  • Mobile SMS
  • E-mails
  • Link on your website.

C. Online Panel to monitor and tracking of reviews.

We will provide an Admin panel to you with your User ID and Passwords from where you can generate the links to collect reviews from different platforms. You can also track the revies as per rating, platforms and date.

D. Customer Reviews Response 

In your Panel, you will get customer’s Mobile numbers so if you wish to communicate with them you can connect with them to resolve their queries.

The Benefits of Using a Review Management Tool for Businesses of All Sizes

  • Online Reputation Management 

By filtration of reviews only positive reviews updated on the online platform it helps to increase your online reputation and same time you also get negative reviews in your panel which helps to know what are the actual complaints of your business. Which you can resolve and again request to your client for feedback.

  • Marketing Tool   

Once you have your Satisfied and unsatisfied customers lists, you can offer them discounts, offers, and deals. For Satisfied customers, you can give discounts for their Good Reviews, and for Un Satisfied customers to better their experience for your business. 

Best Review Management Toold

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Best Review Management Tool

Best Review Management Tool

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