Role of Digital Marketing in current pandemic situation- In a globalised world, there is an uncertainty about the business progress then a question is what helps to a business to survive more even in today’s pandemic time. Many factors have played their role but the most important one is DIGITAL MARKETING.

Nowadays, customers are going online mostly for all their needs for shopping so digital marketing helps both customer and entrepreneur to meet their demand and during the pandemic, we have seen customer is not able to go outside so they use online mode of shopping and definitely it is proving fruitful for the growth of the company like Amazon and Flipkart earning profit without losing.

DIGITAL MARKETING; it is also called as online marketing. In the simple quotation, we can say “shop is online”. It is a platform of promoting and selling of products and services through social media marketing, search engine marketing, email marketing, content marketing.

There are many ways of interacting using digital marketing:

  1. B2B
  2. B2C

It has been rising in popularity over the years because people spend most of their time on the internet then it is an opportunity for Entrepreneurs to get the attraction of customers and break this opportunity as a money gainer. what I want to say without digital marketing, it is not easy to stand in the competitive market.